Jeff has been an active real estate investor for about 40 years. His background is unusual as he is trained as a physician, but his residency director got him interested in real estate investing. His director was a very successful investor in commercial real estate, that is shopping malls, and strip shopping centers, and fast food restaurants. It sparked first an interest, and then a passion that has not diminished over the years.

His primary focus has been in smaller residential properties - single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, though he has also invested in some multifamily housing units. He is extremely analytical in his approach to investing, and early on had taken many courses in real estate investment, property management, financing, and real estate law. He evaluates neighborhoods ripe for appreciation, and always evaluates current and future valuation based on the property condition and demand. Ultimately, he is able to translate this into an exact rate of return on his investment, and as all successful investors will tell you, always looks at the highest return to be made in as short a time frame as possible. Also, he has learned how taxes, appreciation, depreciation, leverage, cost of acquisition, estimated appreciation of both value of the property and rents over the years are so intertwined. He has established relationships with bankers to secure financing.

He has been a SCORE mentor since 2018 and over this period has assisted a large number of investors get started, has helped some long term investors create a detailed analytical approach, and has explained to them the intricacies and nuances of investing, either for a full-time business or a part-time venture.

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Jeff Richer