Sherrill, inventor and designer of MinkeeBlue set out to solve a problem she calls, the ‘overload bag syndrome’. Like many women, Sherrill carried two or three bags to work—a purse, laptop bag, lunch bag, and sometimes shoes in her purse.

She wanted to create an organizational fashion bag for busy women whose role changed throughout the day—from an executive to fitness enthusiast, daily commuter, and mom. Sherrill, an engineer by trade is also the former president of Family Care Solutions, a nonprofit organization she founded to promote higher education among low-income women with children. The organization awarded over $3 million in childcare scholarships to help women with children stay in school and earn a college degree.

With no prior experience in fashion design, Sherrill put her engineering degree to work and came up with the patented MinkeeBlue design. She has appeared on the Today Show, Katie Couric Show and has sold her bags on QVC and

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Sherill Mosee