Marci Smith

Marci began her career in the addiction treatment field and maintains a private practice. Merging her clinical experience with her understanding of systems and business, she helps her clients navigate transitions and overcome their resistance to change. Clients receive “two-in-one,” as she combines practical strategies with more in-depth mindset and personal/leadership development coaching.


Understanding that change is an emotional process, requiring insight and skills in addition to information, she focuses on the “people side of change,” utilizing modalities such as coaching, training, mediation, facilitation, and strategic planning. Recognizing that often the most difficult part of change is getting started, she takes a client-centered approach with the necessary amount of attention to help her clients stay on track, reduce self-sabotage, and realize the change they are seeking.

Marci has an extensive background in organizational development and optimization and has provided consulting services for Fortune 100 and 500 companies, small businesses, non-profit organizations, independent schools, government agencies, and mid-size and small businesses. She specializes in transition and change management, organizational effectiveness, and leadership and team development in various industries including health and wellness, education, medical, arts and entertainment, non-profit, and service-based solopreneurs.

Workshop: "Readiness for Aspiring Entrepreneurs"