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Marketing: The Value of Customer Complaints

August 23, 2010,

Studies consistently show that embracing customer complaints with good systems and follow-up can be an effective growth strategy. Here's how.

Entrepreneur using Google Alerts on laptop

Google Alerts

August 9, 2010,

Google Alerts is a free service provided by Google to track multiple media outlets: news, blogs, discussions, even YouTube videos and Twitter feeds. Google Alerts can be used in many ways by small businesses and entrepreneurs to monitor the web for critical, relevant news.

Hectic Work

Productivity: Making Work Less Hectic

August 4, 2010,

According to Clate Mask and Scott Martineau in their recently-published book, Conquer the Chaos: How to grow a successful small business without going crazy, chaos is an inherent part of small business life. The question, they suggest, is how you will deal with it – accept it, fight it, or conquer it. Conquering it sounds best of course.

Video Camera for Marketing/PR

Technology: Web Video for Your Company

August 2, 2010,

When is it best to make a business video yourself or go with a pro?