The City of Philadelphia invites and encourages you to be part of its continued evolution, history, and prosperity by investing in our federal opportunity zones. We are seeking active and enthusiastic partnership with investors, developers, and residents in the revitalization of our underserved neighborhoods. This presents an opportunity to integrate yourself into the cultural and financial DNA of one of the world’s leading major cities, while further facilitating the growth of our diverse and often unsupported cultural communities. 

Investment in Philadelphia’s Opportunity Zones offers a prime opportunity to do well by doing good, whether you’re looking for a promising and socially responsible investment vehicle, a developer who is ready to put shovels in the ground, or just a proud Philadelphian looking to “leave it better than you found it”, we are here to answer all questions and make the process of partnering with our city as seamless as possible. We look forward to working with you! 

We encourage investors to align with our inclusive growth goals by:

  • Creating new jobs with opportunities for advancement
  • Providing training for Philadelphians to advance into family-sustaining jobs
  • Developing mixed-income and affordable residential projects that incorporate sustainable design elements
  • Expanding access to new goods, services, and facilities lacking in some neighborhoods today
  • Partnering with local small businesses and developers on projects

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