The Free Library of Philadelphia's Regional Foundation Center

The Regional Foundation Center informs the local nonprofit sector through research, resources, and workshops. The RFC houses Philadelphia's largest publicly accessible collection of print and electronic resources on fundraising, nonprofit management, general philanthropy, and institutional advancement. The RFC also provides free access to the Foundation Directory Online—the most comprehensive database of U.S. grantmakers and their grants. Through its comprehensive collection and professionally certified staff librarians, the RFC promotes responsible nonprofit management and successful fundraising by nonprofit groups at all levels—from grassroots startups to established institutions.

What People are Saying about the RFC

"The staff are extraordinarily helpful and knowledgeable. As a first-time user of the services at the Regional Foundation Center, I needed a fair amount of help. They provided me everything I needed in a professional, efficient and courteous manner."

"Throughout my career, the Regional Foundation Center has been an incredible resource. It has been accessible to me at every stage - from when I first started in fundraising, when I was still navigating what type of fundraising I wanted to do, and especially now, when I have my feet under me and a specific career path ahead. RFC is an amazing place for information and tools no matter where you are in your nonprofit career."

"The Regional Foundation Center has reassured me and my teammates that the Public LIbrary (and society more broadly) is invested in the success of our company. We so look forward to the RFC emails!"


Regional Foundation Center