Joining SCORE provides networking, knowledge building, recognition, and leadership opportunities. You’ll also get the intrinsic benefit of contributing to the growth and success of your local community.

Each volunteer's experience as a mentor is unique - everyone has their own reasons for volunteering. Some of our SCORE Philadelphia volunteers can express it best:

  • Being a SCORE Philadelphia volunteer mentor, connecting with people you might never have met otherwise, and helping them pursue their passion makes you feel productive and gives you the satisfaction of making a difference in people's lives”, stated Marcy Love Abloeser, SCORE Philadelphia Volunteer Mentor.
  • I’ve used my experience and education to help SCORE clients, and mentoring for SCORE Philadelphia provides me with added incentive to continue to educate myself to keep up with local business developments”, noted Rona Cohen, SCORE Philadelphia Volunteer Mentor.
  • I derive great pleasure from being able to share my experiences and life story to help others succeed through SCORE Philadelphia’s mentoring services", noted Jeffrey Richer, SCORE Philadelphia Volunteer Mentor.
  • The men and women that contribute their efforts to SCORE Philadelphia as volunteer mentors are committed to the City’s business community”,  stated Mary Livingston, Chapter Chair / President, SCORE Philadelphia.